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What We Do.

When You Are Fighting To Get Noticed In a Highly Competitive Industry & Market Territory...
The Power of Our Vast Media Network Puts Your Business Right Where customers Are Looking.

We Do Digital Media Placement (DMP).

We Publish & Distribute Information About Your Business To Our Vast Network Of Online Media.

We Blanket Your Local Market So That Buyers In Your Area find you everywhere --- and they call you.

TrafficMax offers Digital Media Placement (DMP) to get you found online. 

We publish and distribute high quality, informative content and news about your company and your business services across a variety of established and reputable internet platforms and channels.

TrafficMAX DMP campaigns leverage our formidable network of well-known media partners.

Information that you want prospective customers to know about your business, medical practice, or law firm will appear on hundreds of national and regional news websites and blogs, as well as video channels (Youtube, Vimeo), podcast platforms (PodBean), and SlideShare.

It’s by far the most powerful online marketing tool available to small business.

... Simply Put, You "Get Found" Online.

Our DMP campaigns are engineered to target buyers in the territory you operate and make your business website highly visible online to anyone in your local market searching for what you offer.

The incredible amount of online exposure dramatically improves your search engine results so potential customers, patients, or clients find you and start calling.  You get a reliable steady increase in online traffic to your website.

This Works Incredibly Fast - You Could Double Your Calls In Fewer Than 90 Days.

Any digital marketing agency that guarantees specific results is not being honest.  But this type of speed is entirely possible, and may even be probable, depending on your industry and the level of competition in your local market territory. 

We have seen incredible results in as few as 60 to 90 days of running campaigns.  Significantly more online traffic finds you – sometimes double or triple what you normally get – so you get alot more people calling. 

And because the online traffic you get is from well-known, branded, and trusted media platforms, it’s prioritized in search engines like Google, and rewarded with better search results and even more traffic. 

DMP campaigns lead to significantly increased website visits from targeted buyers, which you can convert into your new customers, clients, or patients. 

How You Get Started.

Step #1

Information & Decision Call

Schedule a 15 minute call (below).  We’ll discuss your services, market area, and industry competition.  Then we outline your service options and pricing.

You make a “Go/No-Go” decision.

Step #1

Step #2

Custom Plan Set Up & Review

Within 3 days of a “Go” decision, we send you a campaign plan, customized for your services and target market.  You review and approve, or we adjust according to your feedback.    

Step #2

Step #3

Payment & Launch

After you approve the plan, we invoice.  You are not locked into a long term contract – we agree on a monthly price on our call.  Once payment is received, we launch your first campaign.  

Step #3

Step #4

Report Monthly Results

We provide a monthly progress report on campaign performance.  You are welcome to schedule a call with us to review it.  We’ll revise and update the plan as needed. 

Step #4

How You Benefit.

Spend Much Less Time & Get Better Results.

End your frustration experimenting with a variety of online and offline marketing activities that return very little value for the time and money you invest.  

Free yourself to focus on your business.  You’ll spend almost no time on this.  Just tell us what services you want to sell.  We’ll develop a plan with you, then we’ll set up and run a custom DMP campaign so that you sell more, sell faster, and grow. 

And we don’t tie you down with a long term contract.  We have a service agreement, we invoice monthly and that’s it.    

More Sales. Better Margin. Reliable Growth.

DMP maximizes online traffic to your website so that you:  

  • Get more customers, clients, or patients fast
  • Make many more high-margin sales
  • Know where next month's business is coming from
  • Experience rapid, reliable growth

This volume of online buyer traffic transforms your website into an actual digital asset instead of a necessary expense. 

And if you want even more aggressive growth, we can help.  You could double your business – in months, not years.

Gain Certainty About Your Online Marketing.

We provide you a monthly report.  You’ll get a visual representation of how well your marketing dollars are working. 

Every month, you’ll see how well you are showing up in search engines for keywords that people use to search  and find you online.

We can have a call to discuss, or you can let us run with it.  You can monitor and adjust things as you see fit.  It’s the most cost-effective digital marketing program out there. 

About Us.

Who We Are & How We Roll.

TrafficMax Media comprises a small army of dedicated experts.  We are writers, business process and data analysts, marketers, software engineers, and online-search specialists.  We’re great at what we do, but we make no commitments unless we know we can deliver on them.      

We believe your small business and many others like it in cities and towns across the US, are what drive this vast economy.  You operate in a pure meritocracy that requires you to compete, perform, and deliver consistent high-quality results, every single day.

We know you’re proud of your work.  So we’ll never stop striving to provide you greater value and better results.  We can help you succeed and grow, and we’d be honored to have you as our client.  

Our Mission.

Deliver massive, rapid growth for our small-business clients.

Founder / Front Man

Rob Burke

I launched TrafficMax in 2018 after a 25-year career in technology, business operations, and management.  For the past two decades I’ve worked with digital media and search engine optimization, and I’ve developed a thorough understanding of the industry tools and processes as they’ve evolved.  I know what will work for you and what won’t. 

I am pretty good at this business, but my staff is absolutely exceptional.  I have a Back Office Operations Team and a Fulfillment & Delivery Team – each with extensive business operations, marketing, and internet technology experience.  They are deadly effective and they absolutely love doing this stuff for clients.   

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