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The Problem? Your Business Is Not Getting Much Attention Online.

Customers Are Out There But They're Not Finding You Online...

You know that potential customers are out there every day searching online for services you offer.

But you’re buried deep in search engine results.  You’re fighting to be noticed in a highly competitive industry & market territory.

And when they do find you, it’s difficult to stand out, capture their attention, and get them to call you.

So We Developed A Way To Reach Them & Make You Stand Out...

We’ve developed a process that dramatically improves your company’s online visibility & increases traffic to your website.

We showcase your business so people find you & we really help you differentiate so that you stand apart from your competition and get attention online.

It’s simple, and it’s extremely effective.

Powerful Digital Media Campaigns Are Your Solution.

We build digital media campaigns with carefully crafted news articles, blog posts, podcasts, and other compelling digital content. 

Then we distribute them over a vast media network normally only accessible to large corporations & Hollywood celebrities.

You get press attention and coverage from exclusive syndicated media properties.

The Solution: Here's How We Can Help You...

Target Motivated Customers

Our campaigns are designed to take advantage of a common buyer behavior — people searching online using specific, descriptive words and phrases (called “longtail search”), are much closer to making a buying decision than those doing a search for more broad or general terms.  So this is who we direct the content of our news articles and other information towards.  This is who we help you target.

We focus on ranking our digital content for longtail keywords that are used by people who know exactly what they want and are motivated to make a purchase.  They type their longtail keywords into Google search and find information about your business that we published and distributed for you in one of our campaigns, ranking on page 1 of the search engine results.

Blanket Your Market Territory

We ABSOLUTELY OWN local search.  Our digital media campaigns work especially well for businesses who offer services in a defined geographical area or market territory.  We’re able to associate your business information with neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, regions — anywhere your business serves and you want to reach. 

Potential customers in your market territory searching online for services you offer, find news articles and information we publish and distribute about you on page 1 of search engine results.  You can effectively “blanket” any geographically defined area so that information about your business and your services appears everywhere people in your market are looking.

Rank In Search Engine Results Pages

The incredible power and reach of our media distribution network ranks the news articles we publish on page 1 of search engine results almost immediately (within days of initial publication) for many of the keywords we target.  That makes our campaigns a very effective “force multiplier” for any search engine optimization (SEO) work that you’re already doing to rank your business website.

The digital media content we publish and distribute always includes multiple direct links to your business website.  So as more potential customers find the compelling campaign news articles and blog posts that rank on page 1 of search results, they click the links to your website.  You get alot more website visitors and calls.  

Google rewards this organic search traffic over time with better and better page rank for your actual business website.  You could see amazing results and rank your website for great, relevant keywords in as few as 90 to 180 days.

Build Your Brand & Reputation

We work with many of the biggest names in media distribution (see list) to provide you access to exclusive media properties including Yahoo!Finance, MarketWatch, StreetInsider, Associated Press News, NASDAQ, and MorningStar.  Information about your business and your services will appear in news media affiliates of Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC which encompasses hundreds of local, regional, and national syndicated news websites and reputable, highly trafficked blogs.

Your business leverages these well known, reputable media name-brands, so you gain credibility and recognition.  By association with such influential brands, you become a significant presence in your industry and market territory.

Differentiate Your Business From The Competition

There is no better way to stand apart from your competition in a crowded industry and market territory than to speak directly to your customers.  Our digital media campaigns enable you to easily articulate to potential buyers how you are different and why you’re better.

You can deploy media campaigns to:

  • Announce a new offer.
  • Explain a product or service.
  • Provide updated news and information about your company.
  • Share results and rave customer reviews from recent projects.

Use our media campaigns to provide examples of your work or a quote from a happy customer.  Utilize news articles, blog posts, podcasts, and video slides to tell your market whatever you want them to know.

What Our Clients Are Saying

TrafficMax Media campaigns have given us amazing results.  Within days of publishing our first news articles, we appeared in Yahoo!Finance & USAToday on page one in Google search results for our target keywords.  We’re now getting a lot more calls and emails … We’re overwhelmed with the effectiveness of these campaigns!

Digital Media Campaigns: A Client Success Story...

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