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We build digital media campaigns that bring you customers.

We do it better than anyone on the planet.

What We Do For You

We Create Compelling Content About Your Business & Distribute It Online

We build powerful digital media campaigns that place news and information about your company and your business services in front of motivated buyers on reputable, name-brand news websites and blogs.

We utilize a uniquely powerful media distribution network that enables people looking online for the types of services you offer to find you quickly.

Our Media Campaigns Showcase Your Business Online

Our campaigns showcase your company, linking your business website with the relevant and interesting information we created for you. 

And we publish the campaign content in a variety of formats (i.e. news articles / blog posts / podcasts / static image videos) using high-traffic online media distribution channels and websites.

Our Media Campaigns Differentiate Your Business From Competitors

So when more and more potential customers inevitably find your media campaigns online, they’re treated to well-written, compelling content that enables you to stand apart from your competition.

You’ll capture and hold the attention of future buyers.  Click here to see examples of our work.

How It Works

You don’t have to worry about adding any more work to your already full schedule.  We do everything for you and we’ve devised a simple process that will have you up and running with a plan in place and your first media campaign launched within days of initially contacting us.

The four steps of our quick and easy process are listed below:

Step #1: Develop Keyword Strategy & Campaign Plan

The first thing we’ll do is meet to discuss your business – your services, target market, ideal customers, and anything that makes your business unique. 

As part of the initial engagement, we’ll collaborate on a keyword strategy, a campaign plan, and a schedule for content creation and distribution.

Step #2: Create News Articles & Digital Content

TrafficMax writers and digital content creators will then get to work composing well-researched, professionally written pieces monthly. 

Everything produced will be formatted as news articles, blog posts, podcasts, and static-image video shorts according to the type of campaign you select.

Step #3: Publish & Distribute Via Media Network

After you’ve had a chance to review it, newly created digital content is submitted to our media network partners for publication and distribution.

We validate through our media network contacts that all submitted content has been accepted and posted online. 

Step #4: Assess Performance & Report Progress

Every month we’ll assess how well the content we create showcases your business with our proprietary “online visibility snapshot report”. 

We’ll meet with you monthly to discuss campaign performance and make any necessary adjustments to the plan.

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Our Digital Media Network Partners

Below are listed just a few of the hundreds of news channels, digital content publishers, and media network distributors we work with daily.

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